Create content based on brand colours

Inspiration is “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative”. So when we encourage you to gather ideas with the help of your brand colours we want to make sure that you will be stimulated, let’s just say will be in a flow of creating amazing content. When you are in flow content smoothly roles out of your fingertips. 

TIP #1 Find the feelings that your brand colours represent – even if you haven’t decided yet on colours

Colours evoke emotions and we know that sharable, likeable and saveable content makes you feel something. It’s rather great if your audience feels the same thing you want them to feel. Look at any colour psychology chart to identify your brand colours. 

Our brand consists of dark blue and light pink which represents power, trust, knowledge, creativity, intuition and calmness. When in the caption writing process or deciding about content types, formats we always come back to these feelings and double-check if they are in line with them.

TIP #2 Creating your visual board of ideas

  • Pinterest will your best friend when you start gathering ideas, topics based on your colour palette. Just type in: pink, green, blue, save everything to board. Then do a second round of search now type aesthetic after yellow, purple etc. 
  • Only save those pictures that resonate with your brand, your values and you could see the image on your feed. It might be an object that is used in your profession. 
  • When you have at least 20-30 images it is time to ….

TIP #3 Putting it all together

Start to write down all that you see or feel looking at these photos. These can be both objective and abstract notes. Let us give you an example:

Connection, books, knowledge, Moon – changing, phrases, city – busy life, stars – connection, constellation – connection, calm, messy, creativity, notes – a reminder, going round and round, fun or scary, mood, calm mood, relaxing – slow. 

After you had these spent at least 20-30 minutes gathering words, expressions, ideas, phrases you will have some that repeat themselves. No worries, this means those are extremely important and relevant for your brand,

Now it is time to make the magic happen. Write up your services, verbs, nouns used in your profession. In our case, these are inspiration, social media, social statistics, management, content, planning. 

Remember how we defined inspiration? “The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative”. While you are looking at the two piles of words you will be connecting some meanwhile others remind you of a story or a possible post idea. 

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