How to have relevant & fresh ideas for your coaching presence on Instagram?

Searching for inspiration can be daunting after several months on Instagram. 🥺 If you struggle to find engaging content, post format or video topics for your profile check out our new blog post.

HOW to manage your content for Instagram

We encourage all our Instagram first clients to follow these steps:

First: How to gather inspirational items regulary?

What this means is that each week you schedule a 60 minutes session for inspiration hunting. You go online on getting yourself an inspiring book about your field of expertise and dive in. When you find something that gets you going >> save the post to a well labelled Instagram folder, print screen it or if you have an Inspiration notebook write down your ideas, your feelings or the exact definiction. This will become your gold mine when you are out of content ideas.

Second: How to plan your content by themes, topics?

This might be quite old for you, but we strongly suggest writing up your content matrix based on the needs of your audience and based on your strong skills, what you love to talk about. When you have these topics you should handle them as a magazine column that reoccurs every week or month. Small, weekly planning that ends up in having a well-defined to-do list is the best friend of every content creator.

Third: How to make it happen?

Fron 10 post ideas only 7 becomes reality. There are many reasons behind procrastinating, but a solution that solves the problem 9 times out of 10 are these two tactics:

  • Prioritize by your real-time: have an honest conversation with yourself about how much time do have for creating posts, writing a caption, editing a video? If you do not have more time for 4 posts a week then you should concentrate on creating one post that truly represents your strong skills rather than having 4 so-so filler posts.
  • Have a detailed to-do list. What do we mean by detailed? If you would give it to an 8-year-old he/she could easily manage to go through it. Smaller steps will give you the boost of small wins which will keep you motivated while slowly, yet effectively you will create quality content.

Fourth: How to know you are doing it right?

Every week schedule a 60 minutes session with yourself. During this time have a look at your content and your online audience.

Which posts achieved the highest engagement? Why? Which post had been saved the most? Compare these posts with previous posts and think about the rational reasons behind them? What is common among these posts? Who are the people who have written the most meaningful comments? Are they potential clients? Have a look at their profile, write some comment, make a connection. After all, Instagram is all about connection.

TOP 5 posts – topics and post types you can mould into your brand voice.

We collected some topics and real-life examples of currently highly engaging post topics and formats. These are here to inspire you. Look at these posts and think about how could you grab the topic, tell your own opinion about it or how would you use a format for what kind of content? 

Dynamic lists – lists that are showing connection or relation to each other

Showing yourself and your personality is always a win-win situation. You are working with people after all, trust is very important.

⁣Creative, engaging, playful posts

Packed with value: Small article like posts, that we spend at least 3-5 minutes to read and magnets for saves. Tranform your blog posts into a small article

Hand written motivational notes. You could use letterboards, your own handwriting

If you are tired of doing content or inspiration hunting alone we are here for hire! 😊

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