Barbell Princess is a international sustainable fitness clothing company focusing on environmental awareness. After one year of trying to figure out Instagram the owner of the company asked is to dig into the mind of potencial buyers accross UK and the US.

Low and inconsistent design

We had a look at the design of the posts, the mission of the company, the values. We stated that inspiration is the most important way a fitness brand can communicate on the platform. The product is great, the pictures we had from the brand owner were representing a slightly softer woman than barbell fitness sports woman were. So we added stock images and real-life UGC (user-generated content) to the existing commercial photos. We created a colour scheme for Instagram to have a stronger, more thought-through impression when visiting the profile.


We focused the content mix to three main topics:

  1. Inspiration and motivation for everyday training, barbell training and embracing yourself.
  2. Promoting VALUE: how is Barbell Princess different from other fitness clothing brands
  3. Interactions: we suggested using the #princesssquat to boost UGC photos also created content for additional promotional materials like blog contents. These were totally missing from the communication of the brand before.

The value HUNT

We start each project with inpiration and data gathering. We scan the brand, the current information, visual and copy, then moving on to competitors of the brand, and finally looking at the buyer personas of the brand. When we started the hunt for the why’s for Barbell Princess we landed on @gymsharkwomen Instagram page. After 60+ hours of reading comments we have found out that many women are upset that their pants do not have a pocket. Yet we have already learned about one of Barbell Princess’ pants that it had pocket. This became one of the values we targedet our audience with.

Performed tasks:

  • Gathered inspiration, based on researching real clients, the industry and competitors
  • Created a visual guide for the brand owner that contained the content matrix that converts potential customers
  • Created a content calendar and managed Instagram for 3 months
  • We provided the Canva template so brand owner can recreate the design for different products
  • Put together a high performing hashtag cloud and create a script for caption writing
Engagement is 70% higher after first week
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