TOP 5 ideas to find your inspiration buckets

If you would like to collect some inspiration by your own, read my five tips how and where to find the magic sparks:

#1 Pinterest

One of the best inspiration source on the internet. You can collect ideas on boards and search among trending topics. Do you wanna refresh your brand style? Let’s look at some colour palettes and international brands. What do you like about them the most? Make a new board for your collections, and show it to your graphic designer.

#2 Google Trends

If you are curious about what are the trending topics in different countries use Google Trends. You can specify which country you want to learn about, and you can analyze the data. You can use these date to make posts or topics.

#3 Hashtags

I bet you have an account on Instagram. Instagram is a good source if you want to be inspired, but sometimes it claims more energy than it gains. If you tend to sacrifice your time avoid popular hashtags. They are real time-killers. Search those hashtags that are mentioned around < 1million – they will give you more insights than the popular ones.

#4 Offline

Go outside and be present! Listen to the other people, read newspapers – let the world flows towards you. Working from a café or a library could come really handy, you might hear some crazy stories from life itself.

#5 WoM

Talk with your friends, colleagues, neighbours. What do they care about? What kind of topics are they interested in? Which medium do they use? These talks are great sources – because everyone gains their information from different places. When I worked at an ad agency, one of my colleagues mentioned Daalarna’s name, and I have to tell you, I have had the foggiest idea who was she. Now, I know she is a tailor – in the bridalwear industry, and has a super fantastic site called Secret Stories. It will be useful information if I have to suggest a unique bridalwear tailor to one of my clients. So be present, and listen!

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